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A little confused about grow lights : hydro

I have bought a 24watt LED grow bulb for my small setup (and am considering buying ...

Brown tips on the inside of lettuce. Anyone have any ideas? Could it be nutrient burn?

submitted by /u/Westernsonvhs Source link

This is not mine but I’m building something very similar. I’m trying to figure out my lighting and I like the solution as it mounts to the wall and hangs over for the next level down. Anyone have advice as to what lights to get for this and how to mount it to the wall?

submitted by /u/piggiesinthehoosgow Source link

Newbie looking for Kratky advice : hydro

Hi! I’m a first time hydroponic grower just a few weeks into the process. I’m ...

Bugs on my kratky bokchoy

submitted by /u/notliketheletterg Source link
Hydroponics Grow System

How You Can Celebrate The 50th Annual Earth Day

Fifty years ago today, 20 million Americans took ...

how can I fix this bad buy on an imitation LED Cannagrow light : hydro

So I bought a dud light from a dud seller on eBay, its supposed to be a 150 watt full ...

KS White Thai hot pepper plant

​ ...
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