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I have bought a 24watt LED grow bulb for my small setup (and am considering buying another); I am still learning a lot, and I’m curious about a few things. The manufacturer (Sansi) gives the PAR readings for the bulb at several distances on their website, but there are a few things I’m confused about. Can I work out what the PPFD readings would be at say 0.3m or 0.2m based on the readings that they have given? Also are the readings that they give average (i.e. across the whole advertised light area), or are they measuring a single point in the centre of the beam? They say on the website that the readings are fairly uniform, but would this actually be the case?:

SANSI LED grow lights adopt a unique light distribution and lens design. The center light intensity is close to the edge, and the spectral ratio is uniform, which effectively improves the plant quality and uniformity

Sorry if these are obvious questions, I’m just finding grow lights a bit overwhelming. For reference I am just growing some herbs (basil, sage, rosemary etc.; nothing that produces fruit) in an area the size of a wardrobe (maybe 1.5*2.5ft?). I’m not looking for spectacular growth either; I don’t have much room, so modest growth would be fine.

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