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Hi, my name is Rune and I am from Norway but have emigrated to Spain. I have always been interested in green things and how they grow, even as a little child it fascinated me, my father was a “garden man” and I helped him as often as I could.

My passion for this only grew with my age and now I have more than 40 years of growing everything that can grow under the sun, or under a lamp behind me.

I naturally progressed to Hydroponics as this is clearly the best way to grow, no matter what you are growing.

The idea behind Hydroshopper

I have come to realize after having built several growing systems myself that in Europe we were missing a one-stop-hydroponic shop.

Whenever I set up a system I had to shop at several stores incl Pet (Aquarium) and Plumber stores, so the idea of creating a store with all I needed came to life.
This shop will be dedicated to pure Hydroponics.

The goal of Hydroshopper

The goal of this shop is to help the home grower from seed to harvest.

Here you will find Hydroponics supplies at competitive prices without having to run all around town and check a dozen shops for the parts you need.

You will also find lots of tutorials and tips for hydroponic growing, and we are always ready to answer questions, I will personally guide you to success if you need more help beyond the tutorials.

If you ever need a hand or have a question, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.
You can always reach our support crew too at support@hydroshopper.com

All the best,

Rune Andersen

Founder of HydroShopper.com

Rune Andersen

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