Aeroponics – How To, The Basics

In this aeroponics how to, I will learn you the basics of hydroponics/aeroponics. I will not go so much in detail, you will at the end of the article find step by step instructions with content lists of all you need to build your own system.
The difference between hydroponics and aeroponics is minimal, just a spray on the roots make it aeroponics, and it is a subcategory of hydroponics.

Here I will focus more on the benefits of hydroponics/aeroponics vs soil.

Why Aeroponics

With Aeroponics you will be able to grow anything at a much faster speed than any other growing method.

NASA is the organization behind developing aeroponics to use in space on long space journeys or even to habitat other planets, Aeroponic is the way we will grow in the future.
It also has great potential to feed everyone on this earth, there are many serious projects aiming for this.

Other Benefits of Aeroponics

You don’t have to use soil, which is dirty and full of contaminants that you don’t want in your grow.
Water, light and nutrients are all you need, so it is a very clean way to grow, and also therefore very suited for indoor growing.

The principle of aeroponics is very simple, you want to keep the water moving, and you want a spray of water directly on your plant’s roots. The spray on the roots is really the only main difference between aeroponic and hydroponic.

A typical RDWC system and its flow:

rdwc system

Different Type of Growing Systems

There are very many types of hydroponic growing systems, the most popular once being (R)DWC, NFT and EBB & FLOOD. I will not go further into the differences here, but aeroponical RDWC`s are clearly the best and fastest way to grow.

They do take some effort to build as RDWC stands for “Recirculating Deep Water Culture”, that means that all pots need to be connected and the nutrient solution going in a never-ending circle like showed above.

You have also systems they call “Passive” hydroponic, I will be showing you below how to make this too extremely simple with only Perlite/Vermiculite and a bucket, the so-called Hempy method.

What to expect when growing Aeroponically

Expect great results fast, it always takes a while for every plant at the beginning from seed, but once it is transferred to an aeroponic system you will see the growth explode!
The roots will hit the reservoir and then the magic really begins, some plants can drink up to 10 liter water per day!

What you also can expect with aeroponics is that it`s much simpler to keep f.ex a steady HP, water is a very forgiving medium, you can always just shift it too, you can’t do that with a rooted plant in soil.
Your job will be to keep the EC and PH within acceptable ranges and top up the system when it needs more water/nutrients.

What about Nutrients?

GHE FloraseriesThere are many types of Nutrients to choose from, some are 3-component like GHE`s Flora Series, then you mix it after a chart all after where your plant is in its cycle, but there is also more simple one-component solution, though the 3-component solutions seems to have an edge over the others.

You measure how much nutrients you have in your water solution by measuring its EC/PPM, I like best to use PPM, it stands for “parts per million” and tells you how many parts of the water is nutrients.
A PPM of about 800 is good for young plants, while you can increase it all the way up to about 2400 PPM for certain plants.

If you give it too much you will see it pretty fast on the plant, the same goes for if HP is out of bounds.

Automatic PH dosers can be bought taking away that concern, you can even get automatic dosers for nutrients too and automate everything. These automation systems are very expensive though, as a home grower you will not need it, maybe the PH controller, but not much else.

I don’t know anything about growing, what do I do?

We at HydroShopper sell both ready-made DIY kits with everything you need to make the system fit to your grow-space.
If you can put together an IKEA flat-packed furniture, you can put together this easily and instructions will be given you in detail.

If you don’t feel like making your own system you can browse our ready-made systems from different fabricators, we only choose the best and what we know works.
The growing process will be explained to you from seed to harvest, we are always ready to answer questions or help if you are having problems.

I want to grow Cannabis, can you help me with this?

ChronicSure we can, but it depends a little on where you live if it is legal or not. We operate from Spain where it is legal to grow 4 cannabis plants per person in a household.

We can’t help people directly with this who lives in countries where this is not legal, but we will point you to the greatest and most accurate guides on the web to help you.


Seeds, what about seeds?

Indoor growing with aeroponics or hydroponics today for the home grower is mostly Cannabis, we are not blind to that, and we support legalization of Cannabis.

Indoor growing makes it possible to grow crops all year round getting up to 4 harvests per year with certain Cannabis strains.
We sell a great variety of seeds, only the best strains chosen by me and my staff here at HydroShopper.
Many of these seeds we have grown ourselves and it will reflect in our personal reviews of the seeds.

Cannabis is a plant that has way too long been criticized and told lies about, not because of health reasons, but pure political once, we do not condone this and hope legalization worldwide is coming soon.

Like our Prime Minister here in Spain said: “We won’t use money to go after a plant that helps people and make them happy”.

So seeds, all types of equipment for aeroponics/hydroponics, ready-made systems and ready-made DIY kits can be found here.

You can also always reach our support team at, we guarantee to answer you within 24h.

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