Prune Marijuana plants and How – Maximize yield!


This is all about plant manipulation and making a nice bushy plant that will yield you many times what you can expect without manipulating the plant.

In this guide on how to prune your Marijuana plants, I will be going through the different techniques to maximize your yield with every grow!
So if you want to learn how to prune Marijuana plants and how to do it, you are in the right place, I will be going through the techniques one by one and teach you how to get the most out of your plant.

Nodes with pairleaves
Most Marijuana plants tend to want to grow a single big bud in the middle with few branches’, but by using these techniques/methods you will make it into a bushy nice plant with lots more nodes (what becomes buds) than if you just let it grow naturally without manipulation.

All Marijuana plants go through a vegetative (grow) phase and a bloom phase, most of these methods are recommended to do during the plants vegetative phase.


This simply means to take away fanleaves (the big Marijuana leaves) that shadows for tops underneath, you want as much light as possible directed right at your developing buds. (Nodes)
This can be done during all its lifecycle, defoliation during flowering won’t disturb your plant much, they produce a lot of fanleaves.
It grows so fast so this can actually be almost a daily task to remove some shadowing leaves.

But don’t overdo it either, don’t strip the plant completely of these leaves, they act as kind of Solar Panels for the nodes/buds, so they do have a function.


Lollipopped plant

This means removing all the lower growth of a plant that won’t reach up to the light anyway. A plant has a given amount of energy it can deliver to its branches’ (based on its stem thickness) and you don’t want that energy to go to the lower small branches’ and leaves, so you simply cut it off. You get a much better airflow around your plant also this way.

You also end up with lots of small buds called “popcorn” that’s only going to make you frustrated during harvest, it’s so much easier to harvest a properly Lollipopped and Scrogged plant than one that has just grown wild.

This should only be done in the vegetative phase, not the bloom phase as it might stunt you plant a bit.

It`s OK to do it as well during the first 14 days after you have put the plant to bloom, but any later than that then its best to just skip it altogether.


This is where you cut the top of the plant right off, it will then get 2 tops instead, this should be done early in the plant’s life, I like to do it when the plant has gotten 5 pair leaves/nodes.

The plant grows and gets 2 leaves and a node, then it grows some more and get 2 leaves and another node and so on.

It can be done many times, when the 2 come from a topping you can top them again, making 4 more tops, next step 8, 16, 32 tops, you double the amount of nodes for every topping you do.


Fimming or just FIM actually stands for “F**k, I Missed”, the story behind this is that some guy missed when he topped his plant, only cutting off about 75% of the node..and to his big surprise he got 4 new branches’ instead of 2.

This method is actually best done by hand, you just pinch off a little more than half the node.

It must only be done in the vegetative phase as this will stunt your plant for sure.


Supercropping is the most brutal way to treat a plant, it means to take the stem of a branch in your fingers and massage it gently until you feel the fibers giving in, and bend it a little more and more.

You ultimately wLollipopped properlyant to get the branches’ bent almost 90 degrees, to then put it under a scrog net.

When you do this all the side nodes on the branch also become top nodes, so you can make one plant into a real monster with Supercropping combined with Scrogging, which just is putting a net over your plant, press down the branches a little and thread the branches’ trough the net.


SCROG is as explained above a way to make one plant become more than it is by manipulating it, SOG is the complete opposite, here you get your yield out of share numbers of plants. Many put them to flower right away from clone/seed and will get many single top buds, but the biggest problem with this growing method for small scale home growers is the legal amount of plants you can grow in your household per person.

Result of lollipopI do hope medical cannabis in Spain soon will be a fact, and that is always the first step to full legalization.

It shouldn’t matter if you grow SOG or SCROG, you will end up with about the same Marijuana in weight, it’s only that the SOG method grows many small plants while SCROG goes for bigger and fewer plants.


This stands for Low-Stress Training and is something you begin with already when your plant is just a few nodes tall, it’s about binding the branches’ down to keep them horizontal so the side nodes can get light on them, you can really shape these plants just the way you want.

This can be considered a very mild form of Supercropping since the principle is the same, only that with L.S.T, you don’t damage the plant in any way, but it is also a lot much work.

So now I hope you got the basics of how to prune Marijuana and maximize the yield with these plants.

Should you have any questions, leave a comment below and I will be happy to help you out!

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